Thursday, July 7, 2016

Guri Guri

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There's this shop out in Maui called Tasaka Guri-Guri. They make two flavors of ice cream. That's it. But the stuff's awesome.

Now I've never even been there and this isn't a story about this shop, but it's about a friend of mine who got hung up on the words "guri guri". We're gonna call him Ted here.

So Ted went to Maui and when he got back he wouldn't shut up about it, the surf, the girls, blah blah blah... and it was all bullshit because I know for a fact he doesn't surf and has no game with women...

Anyway he's telling me about this guri guri stuff and how it's sooooo much better than regular ice cream (fucking whatever Ted) while we're going to the cafe we hang at downtown and we hear someone shaking their cup of change at us (lots of beggars where we live)... as usual neither one of us break stride or even look up, I mean who even uses cash anymore? We never have change...

And this guy yells "HEY!" as we pass by. Fuck here we go... one of the crack heads wants to pick a fight... it happens. Sometimes they get agressive. So we stop and our guard is up, ready for whatever's comign at us.

And it's this stocky old man with this bumpy knotted nose and like a few whisps of hair left on his spotty old head, and he's struggling to get up off the sidewalk while staring at us and holding his cup. And my friend, being an asshole, just loses it. Just laughs at the old guy, starts yelling shit like "what are you gonna do old fuck? I don't carry change! Fuck you okay?!"

Pic not related btw that's just something I found... post limit, continuing in a sec...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Quiet Words That Start With D

Hello there. It's been awhile.


I'm starting to understand the attraction of dust, decay, death, darkness... it's starting to make sense now.

For those tired of their lives, exhausted by the expectations of others, frustrated by the pressures of this world, death holds an appeal like no other. Here we can finally be free of everything. Here the screams we keep bottled up inside finally fall silent.

It's not that we like suffering. That's never really held an appeal, although sometimes it's nice to let the suffering on the inside out into the world. It's been trapped on the inside for too long. But that's not really the main draw.

It's just that we want to be free, and to be at peace.

And I am... free.

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Superbowl False Flag

The following letter was forwarded to me by a friend, and has been sent out to several dozen conspiracy blogs around the 'net. I love it.

If true, it's fascinating that we were forewarned. It seems incredibly unlikely that we would get any warning at all of such a thing though.

If false, it is one of the finest examples of compelling fiction writing I've seen in ages. Honestly I'm in awe of the skill and careful thought regarding pacing, the order of the events proposed, the way they've tied in popular conspiracy memes... this is writing brilliance. There is so much for me to learn here.

In either event, I take no credit for what follows and assure you that the letter exists independent of anything I've created. A quick search for "Superbowl False Flag" can verify this.

Enjoy one of the scariest things I've read in awhile, and if you have Superbowl tickets this year, consider maybe passing them on... to someone you hate...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Mister Ganks And Captain Peanut Show

’ve started to remember things. It started when I got into a fight with my girlfriend. Alright, it wasn’t a fight… more like I freaked out and trashed her kitchen.

We were over at her place getting ready to have lunch. It had been a good day of just hanging around being lazy, and we were going to watch a movie or something later. Lori talked about the courses she was taking at the local university, and how when her mom went there they didn’t have half the facilities they do now, blah blah blah… it was just a normal, boring day.

Then for some reason, when the food was ready and we were setting the table, Lori said something about passing her a knife… and suddenly I was hysterical. My heart was pounding in my chest, tears were rolling down my face, and I started running around knocking things over screaming “no no no” and “it isn’t time yet, it isn’t time” and… I don’t know what else.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

About the novel: Death City Survival Club

Only a few know of the existence of this novel in progress, but I thought I'd mention it here for those wondering what I've been up to.

Death City Survival Club is the story of Dosha Falls, a city where the sun never comes up, the government is beyond corrupt, and monsters feed upon the citizenry. People are drawn there from all over the world by forces they themselves cannot understand, until at long last they are "sacrificed" by an unlikely accident, a dark force of supernatural origin, or just company policy. With every death, the fabric of reality is torn open a little more.

Lowkey grew up there, and is one of the rare few that has done so with most of his sanity intact. His family mysteriously carried away by the Faceless Police, he finds new friends and new talents he didn't know he had. Together they fight for survival and freedom in a city-sized slaughterhouse of misfits and creatures beyond imagination.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Staring Man

He's been watching me sleep. His expression is uncaring and unblinking, a frozen death mask of a face held just a few feet from mine.

He appeared on the night we moved into the house. I was so tired, I didn't even bother unpacking and fell into bed with my clothes on. I remember looking at the blank ceiling for maybe a minute or two before falling asleep. It had been a long day.

Suddenly my eyes were wide open and I was staring at the ceiling again, my body covered in a cold sweat. I had goosebumps and was actually shivering, despite the warm weather.

There was a cold feeling in my gut though. Something felt wrong. It could have been just the unfamiliar room or a bad dream but I couldn't quite work out...

... and then he was standing there, staring down at me.